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Deer Grunting (multimedia)
Deer Rattling (multimedia)
Hunting Smart in Bad Weather
Decoying Deer
Practical Blood Trailing Tips
Practical Gear '98
Stealthy Stand Entries & Exits
Topo Maps for Hunting Whitetails
Developing a Perfect Release, Part 1.
Developing a Perfect Release, Part 2.
Practical Gear '99
Bowhunting vs. Target Archery
How to tie on your own nock 
Perfect Broadhead Flight  
What is Your OPTIMUM Range 
Get a Grip - Gripping the Bow
Penetration - much ado about nothing


Dr. Mark Timney has been a working journalist for over 15 years and has professional experience in almost every aspect of the field of mass communication. He presently splits his time among a number of jobs: as a freelance magazine writer specializing in outdoor articles; as an adjunct professor of journalism and computer software; and as the head of his own outdoor communications/advertising/public relations/video production business.

Mark has a Ph.D. in Mass Communication/Journalism from Ohio University. He became interested in archery while in graduate school and began writing for several bowhunting/target archery magazines in 1995. His work has been published in Petersen's Bowhunting, 3-D & Target Archery, 3-D Times, Bowhunting World, Archery Business and Bow Masters Magazine. He also conducts archery and bowhunting seminars based upon his articles.

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