Step 4. Check Up


Fabulous Results!


April 7

May 22


I was thrilled to see a thick bright green carpet of clover and rye-grass in my plot. Remember the soil test? The highly acidic soil PH did not seem to hold back the clover from establishing itself in a short amount of time. On my way to the plot on two out of three occasions I jumped deer from the middle of it. I could not be happier with the results - much better than I expected.

Upon close inspection, I found that the areas with the thickest and highest rye grass also had the best clover coverage - probably due to the shading the grass provided the clover. I decided not to mow the plot just yet.

If you look closely at this picture, you see lots of browse activity already. The deer trails were really beaten down on the way to the plot. We also saw quite a few turkey feathers in the clover as well.

These pictures give you a general height of the clover - about eight to ten inches on average. Great results considering the high acid levels of the soil.

This picture was taken with a wide angle lens pointing straight down at the ground. I took this picture to demonstrate the thickness of the plot with only a couple of bare spots throughout the entire plot.

I reached down and grabbed a handful of clover to show you how healthy and thick it was coming in. One handful was about the diameter of a silver dollar at the stems.

 Another view of the plot from the East End.