1999 - Checkup

The Bowsite Food Plot 

May 1st (Previous Visit)

May 30th
Dramatic Improvement!!

The liming and fertilizer application we applied a month ago had an incredible affect on the clover. The plot was the best it had ever been. We also had good moisture through the month of May which helped considerably. The clover is now nearly 15" tall in spots, a contrast to the 2" height of the clover at the beginning of May. For more detail check out our video of the plot results (excellent quality, 700k).


While our clover was thriving, our buckwheat is in poor condition. We ended up filling in the bare spots with annual ryegrass to keep the sun from baking the clay soil into pottery. Given Buckwheat's short growing season and overgrazing by deer, we may have struck out with this plot - time will tell. Video of Buckwheat plot (excellent quality, 300k)



While working on the plot, we had several deer visit us including a buck that already had good mass for spring growth. The outlook is good providing the deer do not overgraze the plot by October.

Video of this deer in the clover (excellent quality, 752k)