1999 - Checkup and New Plot

The Bowsite Food Plot 

Previous Plot

Our 1998 plot made it through the winter but has been heavily grazed by the deer and turkey. As you can see in this photo above, the plot is just a couple inches tall. There has been very little moisture this spring and that does not help. Overall however, the plot fared well, there was no die-off and the plants, although small, are green and look healthy.

We ran another 2000 lbs of lime down on the old plot and also 300 lbs of 0-25-25 fertilizer. This mixture is recommended for clover since clover sets its own nitrogen (the first number) and adding any nitrogen only promotes weeds and grasses. As you can see in the picture, the annual rye grass we planted last year did not come back, only the clover.

After we were done liming and fertilizing our existing plot it was time to plant a new one.

Because of the location, and the fact that our clover was being overgrazed, we decided to plant an easy annual plot that would come up ok in our acidic soil. We decided on Buckwheat since it was relatively cheap, suitable for a wide range of soils, and highly preferred by deer. This plot will likely be temporary as wed like to have all our food plots perennials.

When we were done, the plot was seeded then raked to mix the seeds into the soil and achieve the proper planting depth.

View a video of why we chose this location


This little pup watched me all day as I tilled and planted my food plot. It is small things like the company of this little fox that help me to appreciate my love for wildlife.