2000 - Summer Checkup 2


 July 9, 2000  July 31, 2000

After our visit on 7/9 our plot was in tough shape. But after mowing and fertilizing the plot is showing some signs of life once again. It's still got some rough spots but overall it's on the rebound. Our biggest problem is the weed stems which are now dead and brown (above) that had choked out the clover. But there are signs of life as little clover stems were popping out from underneath those dead heaps.

Where the weeds did not get a stranglehold the clover is doing fairly well. This patch is about 10" tall. Still a far cry from where we were last year at this time.

Here's a shot of the new plot we planted this year. Of the two, our new plot fared much better than the old one despite planting too much annual ryegrass along with the clover. This was the area where we planted buckwheat unsuccessfully last year.

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