2000 - Spring Planting


 October 5, 1999

 April 15 2000

The lack of snow cover and the high deer population put quite a stress on our plot through the winter of '99 - 2000. In addition, the buckwheat plot from last year never produced putting more pressure on our 3 acre plot. The deer and other critters literally ate it down to the ground.

This was our third season of the Bowsite Food Plot and while we were tempted to plow it under and re-seed the entire plot, I decided to get one more year out of it. So I tilled up the bare spots and re-seeded them.

For the main, 3 acre plot I put down 1500 lbs of pelletized lime and 300 lbs of 0-25-25 fertilizer. The same basic amounts I did last year with good results. I also disked up the bare spots and planted Alfa-Rack by The Whitetail Institute. I figured the soil PH should be starting to improve after three years of lime applications - making it more appealing to alfalfa plantings. I'll be interested to see how this fares in a couple of months.


Video of the food plot

 Former Buckwheat plot, before plowing and disking.

After plowing and disking.

On the buckwheat plot, I plowed it under and disked it heavily - breaking up the weeds that overtook the failed buckwheat plot from last year. I then put down 800 lbs of lime and 100 lbs of 0-25-25 fertilizer. this plot is only 3/4 of an acre and I used the Imperial Clover here to get it started. Like the main plot, I also planted annual rye-grass to keep the pressure off the clover until it was established. This technique worked great in '98 when I established my main plot.


We'll check back on the plot in couple months, in the meantime we'll be praying for lots of rain!