A Step by Step journey from clearing the land to maintaining an existing food plot.


We continue on what we started last year with the maintenance of our clover plot, a new food plot and the long term results.

Food Plot Milestones

1998 Part I - Planning (early March)
In this segment, we look at the character of the land, the cost involved with clearing and determining the proper size and location.

1998 Part II - Crop Choices
Our soil test is back and the results are worse than expected. Our decision changes now to what to plant and how much work there will be to amend the soil.

1998 Part III - Fertilizing/Planting
Our crop chosen, our soil tests back, and our plot is planned out. With the arrival of warm weather, we break out the heavy equipment and plant our plot.

1998 Check up 
The first check up of our plot and the results are terrific. Check them out!

1998 Maintaining/mowing
It took a while to get back down to the land so we were curious to see how the plot was doing. We were not let down....

1998 Bowhunting Season
We hunted the food plot on opening week. Read a day by day account of what we saw!

1999 Spring Checkup / New plot installed 
So how did our food plot fare in its second year? Find out as we check up on it and also plant a new plot.

1999 - Checkup /Dramatic Results
We went down to check out our Food plot on Memorial Day Weekend and the Clover results were astonishing. The Buckwheat is not doing well however.

1999 - Checkup and Maintenance 
Our first trip to the plot since May and it was in tough shape. The Buckwheat was pretty much dead while the clover remained healthy yet overbrowsed and being choked by weeds.

 1999 - Bowhunting Season
The October bowhunting season was a good one on the plot.

 2000 Spring Planting
After the winter of 2000, our plot is in tough shape. We repair the bare spots and install a new plot in our failed 1999 buckwheat patch.
Summer 2000 - Checkup

Our plot is a disaster. The rains encouraged heavy weed growth which choked out our plot. 

Summer 2000 - Checkup 2

Our plot is rebounding since our last, depressing, visit.  

2000 Bowhunting Season
Hunting season was tough for a variety of reasons but the plot fared better than we expected.