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Bowhunting Kansas Live - 2004







Tuesday Morning Hunt

The wind was more favorable this morning to hunt the field where I had seen the Ghost buck so that's where I sat for my last day. But as soon as I got in the blind, a shift brought the wind straight from my blind into the field. A coyote had moved in while it was still dark and began barking in my direction - warning everything within a mile of this field. I actually had to get out of my blind and chase him off.

As darkness shifted to morning light, a small buck fed from the brush and walked by my blind. The wind was virtually non-existent but I was still worried that he would wind me and that could determine the outcome for rest of the hunt. Despite feeding directly south from me, he never even lifted his head - I'd be ok.

Several does moved in and that small buck would unsuccessfully chase them around. As I watched him chase the largest doe to the West end of the field, another buck came from the bushes and from a distance he looked really good. He was tall and appeared to be an 8 or 10 point. I flipped on the video camera and lifted my Bowtech. He was walking straight at me but with each step closer he was shrinking. He was your typical Texas tall racked deer - but he was young and not yet a shooter. He would be a dandy in 2 years. I watched that buck chase does around for over an hour. Several times I had beautiful close shots at him had he been a little more mature he would be toast.

As those deer left the field, and all was calm - I did a few series of rattling sequences to see if anything appeared. Unfortunately no more deer showed up and it was time for me to get back to the ranch and get ready for my flight back home.

Unsuccessful Hunts

Compared to my other live hunts you probably think that I was disappointed. I can honestly say that was not the case. In fact, I think the nice folks at White Antler Ranch were much more disappointed than I was. They were truly surprised at the lack of mature deer sighted during this hunt and I could tell that they were genuine about that.

I've been on hunts where it became obvious that the quality of the hunt was far less than what was advertised - but in this case I had the opposite feeling. I still believe that their hunt quality is very good - and that I just happened to be in the wrong spots at the wrong time - based solely on their reaction.

During this hunt I truly had fun. Sure, I didn't see any lunkers, but I had lots of deer around me during every hunt and I got to enjoy a totally different type of hunting here in South Texas. Every time I climbed into a tripod or a Double Bull Blind I was optimistic. The deer just didn't cooperate - and that's why they call them deer.

White Antler ran a great operation. The food, lodging, the stands and blinds, and their feeding program was excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to hunt with them again.



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Our Texas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Texas Brush Country with White Antler Ranch - Dilley Texas.

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