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Bowhunting Kansas Live - 2004






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Monday Morning Hunt

The morning started out slow. A few does and a small buck chasing them around. I opted to stay in a little later than usual this morning since my hunt was over tomorrow.

I was having fun taking photographs, like the one of the Cardinal above. Three does came into the field and I started snapping digital photos of them. As the lead doe trotted off the field I panned the camera and hit the photo button. My Sony camera will go black for a second or so and then display the digital photo on the screen. As the photo displayed I nearly fell off my chair, a decent buck was in the picture heading for that doe. I whipped my head up - away from the LCD monitor on the camera, and saw nothing. I never actually saw that buck - it had only appeared on the camera. We nicknamed him "Ghost Buck." That was the last deer I saw that morning.

Monday Afternoon Hunt

During the mid-day the wind shifted to the North and was blowing pretty hard. The field where I sat during the morning hunt was not good for a North wind, but the stand I hunted last night was Ok, so long as the deer came from the same direction they came on Saturday evening. I buried myself into the Mesquite tree and waited for some action. At 5:00 PM a deer headed in and began to feed. Two more deer joined them. But as they settled in and more deer began to appear to my right, a deer started blowing from behind me - you guessed it, the South. All the does blew out of the area and my hunt was over. I had one morning left, I had to leave on Tuesday afternoon.

White Antler Ranch

This hunt reminded me of Africa in a lot of ways. The accommodations were excellent. The lodge was clean and comfortable with a satellite TV, internet hook up, fireplace and a hot tub.

The food was outstanding. Teri Butterwick was an awesome cook and prepared a fabulous meal every evening. I was certainly not going to lose any weight on this trip.




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Our Texas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Texas Brush Country with White Antler Ranch - Dilley Texas.

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