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Bowhunting Kansas Live - 2004






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Sunday Morning Hunt

It was a clear-still morning and John suggested that I sit in a Double Bull blind at the side of a recently plowed field. This area was not far from the lodge but it was situated between some very thick bedding areas. At first light a very small buck ran into the field and started to chase does around.

That buck chased does around all morning, I kept thinking that any moment a shooter buck would appear but as the sun grew higher it was not looking like it was going to happen this morning.

Sunday Afternoon Hunt

John felt pretty confident about this spot and suggested that I sit here again for the PM hunt. And activity was incredible. At 4:00 PM, about 2 hours before dark, several does showed up. From that point forward the deer numbers just kept building. Several bucks moved in, one of them was a spike and the others were similar to the buck from the morning hunt. Still no shooters showed here.


As the sun went down, with several dozen deer feeding in front of me, a few deer on the West side of the plot began staring into the brush. They began running nervously and before long the field was void of all deer. I could see small black forms moving into the corned section of the plot and before long I was surrounded by a big herd of Javelina. They made a racket and it was understandable why the deer wanted no part of them. It was too dark to shoot, and I was not particularly interested in Javelina meat anyway, so I passed on the opportunity to kill one.



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Our Texas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Texas Brush Country with White Antler Ranch - Dilley Texas.

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