Mathews Inc.'s Live Bowhunting Adventure

Day 3

Join Julie, Patrick Jr., Matthew, and Pat Lefemine Sr. on their first family bowhunt

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After our big celebratory dinner last night, the pressure was off Patrick and now on Julie. She did some last minute practice shots at the camp before heading off to the blind. It was her turn and like Pat's hog, the whole family tagged along. We went right back to the same blind Pat had shot his hog in. The blind size was perfect for all of us (and the camera too).

After Matt and Cheryl dropped us off, we patiently waited for the hogs to appear. It did not take long before a big group of hogs fed into into view toward our blind. Julie picked up her bow and got ready for a close shot.

As the hog she wanted fed into range, she drew her bow and waited for the best angle. But the hog never presented it and she was forced to let her bow down. When she did that, the arrow fell off the rest and rattled against the riser. The hogs split.

A half hour later a pair of "eater" hogs fed down the road. Julie got ready once again. This time the hogs fed in front of her and presented a good shot. Julie focused and shot - her arrow blowing right through the hog!

We called Cheryl and Matt who showed up with Sage again and off he went down the trail. Like Pat's hog, it only took a few moments before the bell stopped. Julie's hog was found dead less than 60 yards from where she shot him! This hunt was just a blast - and more importantly it was shared by all of us including Matt and Cheryl.

The pressure was now on me - big time!



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