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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 17-22

Day 1

About This Hunt

We're back in Saskatchewan with Rob Nye and Canadian Trophy Quest for the second week of Rob's deer bowhunting season. Temps have been warm, and the bears were a nuisance last week, but we've never been let down. CTQ produces every year and we're confident it will be another epic bowhunt!


All Day Hunt

For my first hunt I went to a stand on the edge of a big wheat field. I have never hunted this stand before but it looked great! At first light I had two buck show up, around 110 class bucks. Definately not shooters. For the next 10 hours I saw 10 different bucks, watched two different buck fights, and had action every hour except for a two hour break between 12 and 2. It was a lot of fun and made for a really good first day.

Saskatchewan Whitetail
This was the biggest buck I saw today, not a shooter


I didn't see any shooters but it's only my first hunting day out of six so plenty of time.

Saskatchewan Whitetail
I watched two buck fights today, they were halfway between light sparring and full-on battles.


There are four of us in camp, Matt from Michigan, and Steve and David from Texas. Nobody saw shooters but everyone saw bucks!

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