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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 11-16

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Day 1

About This Hunt

I'm finally back in Canada with Canadian Trophy Quest! It was touch and go with all the border closures and restrictions, and it was a pain in the ass to adhere to all the requirements, but I'm glad I persevered. I am the only hunter in camp. The other guys that booked decided not to take the risk. So for the next six days it's just me and Rob and I got the run of the place. In addition, the deer effectively got a year off so we're expecting lots of action and some really big bucks!

Now for the tough part. It's been very hot and dry. Those conditions have created forest fires all around us. Everything smells like smoke. So that may throw us a curve-ball but we're still optimistic.


Morning Hunt

No morning hunt, my plane got delayed and I didn't arrive at the lodge until 5AM. I skipped the morning hunt.

Afternoon Hunt

For my first hunt Rob brought me a few miles south of the lodge. It was a nice piece of successional northern forest not far from several large grain fields. There is a really nice mature 8 hitting this stand and he's pretty consistent. I got into the stand at noon and stayed until dark. I saw about 20 bucks this afternoon but nothing mature. The weather turned cooler than it's been and I had to wear my full Sitka Fanatic outfit for the sit. It felt good to have cool weather, back home it's been high 70's - 80's since the season began.

Saskatchewan Whitetail
I had lots of deer like this all afternoon long. Lots of 1.5 and 2.5 year olds.

The big 8 never showed but all the action made it fun as hell.

Saskatchewan Whitetail
This 3.5 was the oldest one I saw. Not a shooter for Rob's area, but a real pretty buck all the same.

One interesting variable is that Rob's area is experiencing forest fires. The woods smell like smoke and there's a lot of activity around the fires. There's one not far from where I sat today. Even had a helicopter go over me a few times, and we even ran into a D6 bulldozer going down the road. The deer were unfazed by the activity and I'm going right back there tomorrow morning.



Tune in tomorrow for an update
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