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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 15-20

Day 3

All Day Hunt

For today Rob suggested I hunt a ground blind that had two good bucks on trail camera. A really tall clean 9 and another tall 8 or 9 with stickers. He couldn't tell for sure from the photos but he said both were shooters. So I climbed into the hay bale blind first thing in the morning and prepared myself for another all day sit.

Today would be a little easier than hunting the stand. You can move around in the ground blind, even lay down and take a nap in the mid-day (which, shamefully I did for darn near two hours) and I also had full LTE signal from here so I could text Matt, Greg and Rob to pass the time. I also surfed Bowsite and jumped into the fray on a couple of controversial topics that were active. Having these distractions helped pass the time because this spot was pretty slow. The weather had warmed up into the 50's with full sun and a constant South wind.

By the time the sun went down I had seen two bucks with a sum total inches of 40! Very slow.

As one of the dinks fed at the bait, a 3.5 year old 115" buck came in followed by a couple more 3.5 year olds. Things were starting to happen. I could hear a buck stomping in and judging by the body language and reaction of the young buck at the bait, he was mature. Sure enough, a great buck walks in and I began my painful analysis. Should I shoot him or pass once again?

When this buck showed up I decided it was time to shoot. I did consider passing him but I talked myself out of it.

Look. My 2016 season ruined me and I needed to shake it off. I killed a 187 followed by a 190. It was a freak occurrence but it messed with my brain. I had already passed on two bucks that were shooters in most experienced hunter's books. Still, I debated for a full 15 minutes as this buck showed his dominance.

Finally, I decided he was a great buck and I wanted to shoot him. He was PY for sure and the shot was fantastic. I clipped on my release, drew, and waited for a buck behind him to clear. As soon as he did, I took my time and delivered a perfect arrow right on the money. I won't spoil the details for my bloodtrail challenge, but let's just say that the recovery was not hard at all.


Rob and Diesel showed up and loaded the great buck into his Commander. What a super day and another terrific hunt here at Canadian Trophy Quest with Rob Nye.

I will probably end the live hunt now so I can enjoy the last few days with my buddies. Gregg tagged out this morning on split G2 buck that I had posted earlier so all the Connecticut boys are tagged out with great bucks and great shots. Only Matt Devoe is left and I'll keep you posted on his progress.

Once again, Rob Nye has delivered a fantastic hunt. They keep getting better and we can't wait to hunt here again. If anyone is looking for a fantastic hunt, with incredible meals and lodging and lots of trophy deer, you owe it to yourself to contact Rob Nye and get a slot secured for next year. He may even have a couple slots available for the rut hunt too. Just bring your long-johns and Sitka Fanatic stuff because it gets cold here in November.

Thanks for following along.


Pat's 2018 Saskatchewan Buck

Chris Johnson's 2018 Saskatchewan Buck
Greg Hammell's 2018 Saskatchewan Buck
Gordy Wahl's 2018 Saskatchewan Buck



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