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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 15-20

Day 2

All Day Hunt

I went right back to the same stand as yesterday and at first light the same two mature bucks as yesterday came to the bait. Once again I decided not to shoot either. I was able to identify which buck was dominant. The 8 point showed first and parked himself at the bait. The split G2 buck deferred to him and gave him a wide berth while he fed at the bait. As soon as he walked off, the split G2 buck claimed the bait.

At 8:30AM I had twenty bucks in the area and all of a sudden every deer became unglued and tore out of the area like race cars. It was a stampede of deer the likes I had never seen before. Wolves!

I had seen it before here, a wolf blows through the patch of woods and every deer freaks out. They will never do this for bears or coyotes, only wolves. And it didn't happen just once, it happened again at noon as well.

It was convenient since I really needed to take a bathroom break and get out of my stand to stretch my legs. All day stands are rough so I welcomed the distraction - even if it did mess up my hunt for a few hours.

The mature 8 was first to show and is shown here making a scrape

The eight came in 3 times and the split G2 showed up twice. They are very consistent right now. I was hoping a new buck would roll in but that did not happen.

I videoed the split G2 buck making a rub for 4 minutes. It was an interesting process.

When I got back I received some good news. Gordy killed a nine point and Chris shot a ten. Both good bucks. As soon as I get some pictures of their bucks I'll post it.

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