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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 15-20

Day 1

About This Hunt

We are back hunting with Rob Nye and Canadian Trophy Quest to see if we can relive the magic of 2016 when Pat Lefemine shot the buck of a lifetime, a non-typical 187" forest giant. Hunting along with Pat is Greg Hammell, Chris Johnson, Matt Devoe, and Gordy Wahl. We will be hunting a combination of tree stands and ground blinds and the weather looks perfect for this opening week with CTQ!

All Day Hunt

For my first day I hunted some remote treestand and planned to sit all day long. I had action from first light until last light. I saw at least 20 different bucks with most being 2.5-3.5 years old. I did have two 4.5 year old bucks roll in but they were not quite what I am looking for.

This small buck was curious and interested in me.

The weather was cold with about 8" of snow covering the ground. The bucks seemed to like it and there was action non stop. Lots of rubbing, sparring and one scrape was made within sight of me.

I watched several bucks sparring today, all young deer.
This mainframe 8 was the best buck I saw today, he was a nice 4.5 year old just not quite a shooter for me - particularly on the first day

It was a fun day, however those dark to dark sits really wear you out! Given the daytime action here it's best to sit all day, but it's rought on both the body - and the mind.

The 2nd 4.5 year old buck was another mainframe 8 with a forked G2. A nice buck, just not big enough.



Check out the video from my 2016 buck shot at CTQ which grossed 187" and was my biggest whitetail ever until I shot a 190" buck two weeks later in Kansas.


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