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October 17-22

Day 3

Rob and I decided to hunt the same blind one last time. It's been very slow there but there's a good buck and he could show at any time. But in all honesty, it's tough sitting sunup to sundown when all you are seeing are a couple does and fawns. So after seeing nothing again all morning, Rob decided it was best to move to a different location.

I went to a ground blind at a different farm. As we drove up we bumped a decent buck off the bait along with half a dozen does. I don't know if there's a buck as big as the one in the area I was hunting all morning, but at least it will be more interesting.

My first buck showed up at 4PM. He was a young 8pt with terrific potential. Definately not a shooter. He was an arrogant SOB. He fed at the bait and then bedded right in front of it to keep the does and small bucks from getting a snack. He stayed for an hour and eventually left.

Right at dark more bucks started to show up including a nice 8pt that was close to being a shooter for me - but not quite. I really don't need to kill anything that badly and going home empty is not a problem.

I saw about a dozen different bucks tonight and had a ball. I will be right back here tomorrow morning..

Three more deer were killed today including a really heavy 9 point shot by my buddy Greg. At this point I think that more than half the camp is tagged out. Pretty good for Day 3!


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