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Bowhunting Whitetails in Saskatchewan











Morning Hunt

For my last morning I hunted the stand I sat the beginning of the week and passed on the 11 point. There was a great chance I'd see him again, but I was still not sure I could get myself to shoot him. I just wanted something different and I'm passed the stage where I have to kill an animal just because I'm on a trip. As it turned out I didn't need to face that decision and in all honesty I seriously doubt I would have shot him. All I saw this morning were two does with fawns. My hunt was supposed to be over at noon but our plans were changed. Greg called the hotel where we were booked. They had no record of his reservation and all rooms were booked already. Something got mixed up along the way. Rob offered to let us eat here and leave after dinner - and hunt the afternoon of course! I jumped at the chance.

Afternoon Hunt

Rob took me to a brand new stand deep in the Provincial Forest. I liked it off the bat. There were tons of rubs and the area was surrounded by miles of thickets. It just screamed big buck habitat. The stand was perfectly concealed too and provided a great 20 yard shot. Within minutes after Rob drove away a small 6pt walked in. A little while later another buck came in, then a spike. As the light faded I had seen 6 different bucks with the biggest being a 100 inch 8 pointer. Obviously they were not shooters, but it was a great afternoon hunt.

As it turned out everyone tagged out except for me. Some great bucks were shot this week with most averaging in the 130's and a few pushing mid 140's. As I type this there is still one buck left to find. But by the description it's a liver shot and they wanted to give it some time. Nine guys in camp shot eight mature bucks. That is a super result and everyone is in great spirits - including me. I put my time in this week and hunted very hard. The deer zigged while I zagged. It happens and that's what makes deer hunting so much fun.

Rob Nye has once again been an exceptional outfitter. He and his guides busted their ass every day for us while Rose cooked killer meals every evening. I really love hunting here and can't wait to come back next season!




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Equipment Pat is using on this hunt:

Bow 70lb Mathews Heli-m more
Arrows Carbon Express Pile Drivers more
Broadhead Muzzy MX Phantom 85grs more
Clothing/Camo Sitka Fanatic Series Outerwear more


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This Live Bowhunt takes place in Northern Saskatchewan with Rob Nye Wilderness Adventures.

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