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Bowhunting Whitetails in Saskatchewan











Morning Hunt

I did my third hunt back at the same stand. A few does and fawns came in at dawn and that same 11 point buck came in again. He is really, really pushing me to the edge but I held firm and let him walk once again.

I stayed in that stand until noon. My intention was to stay the entire day, but a wind change ended that plan. Rob picked me up and drove me to a different area.

Afternoon Hunt

The rain was on the way and Rob wanted to know if I wanted a ground blind or a treestand. I chose the stand. I always use a treestand umbrella so it was no problem. Two hours later the rain began and it never let up the entire hunt. I only saw two does the entire hunt. Pretty slow.

Nobody killed a deer today. It was feast or famine. Some guys saw tons of deer while others saw almost nothing. Weather is changing. Rain all day tomorrow then clear and cold for the end of the week.



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Equipment Pat is using on this hunt:

Bow 70lb Mathews Heli-m more
Arrows Carbon Express Pile Drivers more
Broadhead Muzzy MX Phantom 85grs more
Clothing/Camo Sitka Fanatic Series Outerwear more


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This Live Bowhunt takes place in Northern Saskatchewan with Rob Nye Wilderness Adventures.

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