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Join Pat Lefemine and Steve Kremp in Northwest Quebec

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This 6-day bowhunt takes place in Northwest Quebec for the popular Quebec-Labrador Caribou. We are Hunting with Tuttulik Outfitters on our first ever Bowsite.com Group Hunt where our mode of hunting will be a combination of spot & stalk and bowhunting major crossings. Steve Kremp, of Pennsylvania and I will be bowhunting together during this trip. This is our 2nd year hunting with Tuttulik, if you are interested in seeing last years hunt click here.

What a great bunch of guys are on our first ever Bowsite.com group hunt. We had met last evening at the lounge and told stories till midnight. This morning, everything went like clockwork with the Tuttulik truck outside the hotel right on time and all of our flights took off as scheduled. We got to Minto Lake around 4PM and we hadn’t dropped off our gear when we spotted bulls on the horizon right behind camp.

I usually don’t start our Live Hunts on a fly day – only on actual hunting days. Technically this was not a hunting day. But this afternoon was different. Read on and you’ll see why…

We glassed them but still did our chores of organizing our gear, putting together our bows, and then shooting a bit in the 30mph winds. Let me say this, I can’t understand how anyone can shoot 40 yards in these winds. I had to hold my pin clear to the left of the target in order to hit it.

While shooting and organizing the gear, caribou continued to show up. Steve and I couldn’t take it any longer so we grabbed the bows, video gear, and our packs and headed up the ridge. It wasn’t long before we were into the caribou.

I was more interested in filming so Steve took the first stalks. He saw a couple of good bulls but couldn’t get onto them. The weather turned sour and it was raining, it was also late in the day, so I asked Steve if he wanted to pack it in. He said yes, but as I was putting away my camera, he said “ Why don’t you hold off for a second” a nice bull was making his way toward us.

We watched him from 200 yards out and kept fine-tuning our position. All the stars aligned as I videoed Steve stalk a great bull and shoot him from 12 yards with his recurve. We were Pumped! Steve made a perfect heart shot and the bull lived for exactly 24 seconds before piling up 60 yards from us. Not bad considering we hadn’t even officially started our hunt yet! We took pictures and headed back to camp to play the video. Everyone was thrilled at Steve’s awesome stalk and shot – he broke the camp ice. Tomorrow should be red hot.

Watch this exciting shot Video (6mb)


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