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Magnificent Hog Hunt XXIII

The great redneck pastime continues in 2010 with the MHH13. Conceived in 1997 by the late Jeff Coggins and joined by some of our most "colorful" visitors. The MHH has become a symbol for everything the weenie left-wing elites despise..and that's what makes it so much fun. If you are easily offended by this feature then visit and click on the Rachel Maddow Show

Like every year we're hunting mean-ass russian boars with hogs at Ken Moody's Clarkrange hunting lodge located in cumberland plateau of Central Tennessee. And as usual, this year did not dissapoint... The Russians were larger this year and the boars were "runners" which did not 'bay' as quickly as usual. The group was also very large this year with 29 Bowsiters joining in the fun. One from our group came from Northern Ireland just to attend this years' MHH with the other Bowsiters.

A great time was had by all with everyone killing a hog. The below feature only shows the four members of our group. I had hoped to jump into some other groups to film some other hog kills but we ran our hunt all the way through Sunday afternoon so we only have 4 clips to share. Check Bowhunting.TV for other videos posted by some of the other 24 hunters.

Visit the Clarkrange Hunting Lodge Website

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Justin Hackner (18)


Justin was the first up out of our group and he didn't disappoint. He was the only successful shooter before lunch on Saturday morning. He took this nice Russian with a perfect shot! Justin was using a Bowtech Justice with Muzzy MX-4 broadheads.

Matt Lefemine (12)


Twelve year old Matt Lefemine was up next with his Bowtech Equalizer and Muzzy 90gr 4-blade heads. Matt had some close calls on Saturday but was waiting for the perfect, ethical shot. He got it on Sunday morning and made a fantastic 22 yard double-lung shot on the biggest boar of our group. His hawg went 50 yards.

Don Saville (60)


We were all cheering on Don for his first-ever bowhunt. Bowhunting is illegal in Ireland so Don traveled all the way to TN to harvest his first animal at the age of 60! Don made a unique shot we nicknamed the "Irish Heart Shot" shooting his hog in, let's just say - an unconventional angle. His hog went 15 yards. Don was shooting a Darton bow.

Pat Lefemine (45)

I was the last one up on Sunday afternoon and was able to get a very brief shot at a superb eating hog in thick brush. The hog didn't last long with a hard quartering shot which took out just about everything. Pat was using a Bowtech Admiral with Muzzy MX-Phantom broadheads!


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