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Day 16

Join Pat Lefemine in the Northwest, and Limpopo Provinces of South Africa for a Buffalo and Lion Bowhunt

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The decision was to keep after him for our last day. But we all agreed that if it doesn’t happen then so be it. I kept my fingers crossed for one of my famous 'last-day' miracles.

Just like yesterday, the tracks were very confusing. The roads had tons of tracks in them, some old, some new. Some were from the buff and some were from an eland bull who has a track very similar to our buffalo. We spent most of the morning scouring the roads where we last saw the buffalo. We thought we had him figured out, and we did, but then we lost his track in the grass and never found it again.

I had a much more relaxed mood today. If it worked out and we got a stalk, that would be great. But I was past the frantic and frustrated pace we had been going at the last few days. I don’t think Jimmy was there, he, Jacques and the trackers were giving 1000%. Their pressure was derived from their desire to help me get this bull. Not once during this trip do I feel like I put them under pressure. That’s just not my style. They just were doing what good Professional Hunters and Outfitters do. They work extremely hard for the client right to the bitter end. A better outfit I could not ask for.

We tried all of his old haunts but by 4PM there was no track to be cut. We simply spent the last hour pushing the bluegum trees and thickets in a hope he would bust out and give us one last chance. He had vanished today. By 5:30PM I called everyone back to the truck. I spent the last hour filming a magnificent sunset on my video camera. This was on my list of things to do and I ended my trip with that photography and memories of that cool old bull.

The bull won. And nobody took shortcuts. I am proud of that. This was a very challenging hunt. We wanted to do it the hard way and we did. I have zero regrets.

Jimmy, Jacques and I have unfinished business. There is a strong possibility that you will see this hunt continued next year. Talks are underway now. It won’t be for this bull however, but some other buffalo(s).

In some strange way I hope this bull makes it. There will be other hunters after him for sure. But we all felt a strange connection to this old duggaboy. Somewhere on that mountain that bull is resting right now, probably in the bluegums. He has no idea how close he came to being biltong.

And I now have a new “favorite” animal to bowhunt.

I'll never forget this Old Bull and the thrill we had trying to outsmart him.



One of the Family! Jimmy, Jacques, Me, Linda, and Janelinne Taljaard.

This hunt was intense. The animals we were hunting were intense. The emotions expended was intense. But through all of the stress, the determination and the frustration, I always felt like I was part of the Taljaard family. At the end of the day there was that constant. Despite the events of the day we would always end on a high note with an outdoor dinner by the fire, an adult beverage or two (for me only), and an interesting conversation. Mostly about South Africa and the many changes that country is going through. Every night we'd unwind, laugh, replay the events of the hunt, watch some video footage, and to strategize (sometimes agonizingly) over what to do tomorrow. The Taljaards do it right. Jimmy and Linda brought up their two kids right. Now adults, the four share the tremendous responsibility of running their 28,000 acre farm and Safari business together as a family. I have hunted with many outfitters and some I have forged a real bond with. The Taljaards are one of them.

This was my third trip to Africa and each one of them has been special. Africa is a magical place that must be experienced by every serious bowhunter at least once. Like me, you will find a way to go back. Next Spring I will likely return for my fourth hunt. Again for Cape Buffalo and again with Madiakgama. I'm already counting the days till I can step foot on the dark continent again and live the dream of bowhunting my new favorite animal with my new extended family.

Plains Game Hunt

Unfortunately we were so obsessed with our lion and buffalo bowhunt that we never had the opportunity to share the outstanding quality plains game hunting that Madiakgama offers. We hope to share that with you the next time around but in the meantime drop Linda a note and ask her about their fabulous plains game hunting which takes place across most of their 28,000 acres. In the one morning I hunted plains game there I saw Rhino, warthog, Gemsbok, Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, Waterbuck and Ostrich in just 3 hours! I can't imagine what I'd have seen had I hunted more than just that one day. While none came in that first morning, my understanding is that Zebra is one of their specialties. A stallion is definitely on my short list when I return next year.







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