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Monday Morning Hunt

I'd rather just forget this morning's bowhunt. I saw one tiny buck from Kent's Tree belt. The wind was not good but there was very little action anyway. But before my hunt was over I received an urgent text that one of my 11 servers had crashed. I left the stand immediately to find out what the issue was. Today's morning hunt was a write-off.


Monday Afternoon Hunt

After spending all day long on our server problem I was able to get in a quick afternoon hunt. I hunted the Condo stand which is a baited stand in the middle of a large CRP meadow. It's a unique stand where you swear no deer would ever visit. But as soon as the sun goes down deer start materializing from plumb thickets that dot this large field like tufts of steel wool on a yellow wool blanket. The wind was unstable and not perfect, but it was the best option. As it turned out, my afternoon hunt was pretty good. Lots of does showed up and they were followed by several bucks. The first was a young eight that needed two years.

Later, two more bucks showed up which were better. A nice 10 with a broken G4 and another nice, and wide 10 with a broken G1. They were young deer with fantastic genetics. While both would make PY, it would be a crime to shoot either one. I don't think either were more than 2.5 years old. I filmed them for several minutes before they spotted me and walked off alarmed. It was a fun night even though no shooters were seen.

I did see two more bucks through my glasses. They looked to be big, mature bucks but it was very late and they were more than 100 yards away. I'm not sure they were shooters as I could barely make out their frames - it was that late. Tomorrow brings a weather change, a cold front and strong gusty winds out of the north. I have two days left to the season.


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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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