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Wednesday Morning Hunt

All I can do is laugh at this point. I went to Ken's Tree. This is the tree that I passed up a really nice 8 with a busted off G1 in November. It's also where I killed my Rio Grande turkey last month. This stand has been a consistently good stand. Not today, however, I saw zero deer this morning. Not even a doe.

I hunted until 11 AM and spent the downtime this morning deciding on my last evening's stand. There is a stand that I've not hunted this year. It's next to a big wheat field and sits on the bank of a small creek. It's very close to the Condo where I had lots of action. If the wind is right I'll sit there for my last try.

Wednesday Afternoon Hunt

The wind was whipping pretty hard but the direction was perfect for the creek stand. I set up very early and waited several hours. I had one doe come in during the daylight but that was it until it was just about dark. Four does appeared downwind and picked me off. They stood in the wheat field and stomped. As that was happening, I caught glimpses of antler tines coming down the creek and it looked to be a shooter. Would I pull off a last minute miracle?

The buck cleared the brush and was heading right to me. His right beam was a perfect 5 points, long beam and decent tine length. His brow was impressive. Only one problem; his left beam was gone. Snapped off right at the base. I could have easily shot him but there was no way I would have. My Kansas hunt is over.

This had been a tough year for me. Not so for everyone else. I think CRO had their best year ever. I knew that sooner or later my luck would run out and so it happened in 2008. You can be sure I'll be back in 09 to start a whole new streak of successful deer hunts. A little humility is healthy. Despite the outstanding hunting CRO has here in Southwest Kansas it's still fair chase deer hunting and I certainly passed on my share of good bucks this year. No regrets.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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