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Tuesday Morning Hunt

Picking these stands has been tough. I like it A LOT better when I'm brain-dead and either of the two Kent's make the suggestions. But on this hunt I am totally on my own, I get up early and check the forecast, double check that against reality outside, make my final decision, drive to the stand and then park the truck and walk in. You know, pretty much what we all do when we're back home. In reality, I enjoy this better. I'm more part of the hunt. I'd enjoy it a whole lot better if I picked a stand with a shooter. My picks have all been losers.

And so it was again this morning. The forecast called for northwest winds in the early morning turning north by mid-morning. That basically gave me two stand options, the stand Greg killed his buck in and the North stand at the Pines. I've not had good luck on the North stand so I went to Greg's. I saw 30 does but not a single antler.


Tuesday Afternoon Hunt

Full-blown desperation is setting in. This is my 2nd to the last evening hunt and the morning hunts have all basically sucked. So I thought very hard about this hunt and tortured myself trying to decide. A north wind had kicked up and that limited my stand choices. I was leaning toward Greg's stand again, at least there were a bunch of deer there. But after talking with my buddy Bill Gaunt on the phone, he talked me into going to the North stand. I sat there until dark and saw 3 bucks. The total inches of all 3 racks? Maybe 45. I had picked another loser.

To add insult to injury I suggested to Greg that he sit a stand I was thinking about and bring his camera. All I can say is..."Crap" (see photo below). Season ends tomorrow.

Greg sat my 2nd choice stand with his camera. He was afraid to show me this photo snapped at 4:30 PM.


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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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