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Saturday Morning Hunt

This being an unguided hunt I fired up my GPS and we headed out in the dark. We were heading to the stands south of town. I dropped Greg off at the 'Kill Tree' stand and I headed to the 'River' stand where I had seen the huge buck back in November. It was bitter cold, with the temperature hovering around 20 and a constant, 30mph wind. There was very little activity at this stand. A small buck, with both beams snapped off, walked by around 8AM. Two does moved by a little later. They were the only deer I saw this morning. Greg did better. He had a small 10 show up but no shooters, he saw a total of 26 deer from his stand - 10 within range. We both needed to defrost after this hunt. There was a 50 degree temperature difference between yesterday afternoon and this morning. I think I liked yesterday better.


Saturday Afternoon Hunt

The wind was still whipping at 2PM as we drove to the stands North of town. I took Greg to the stand where I had shot that big typical four years ago. When I dropped him off we blew out several deer - a good sign. I wished him luck and drove out to my stand which is called the 'North' stand. As I drove out of the woods I saw a mature deer not far from Greg's stand. I had a good feeling he was going to get some action.

I settled into my stand ten minutes later and sat until dark. I had very little action. Six does showed up and fed under my stand. A while later I spotted a decent buck walking downwind from me. He caught my scent and bolted. I had a pretty slow day, overall.

Greg's afternoon was far better! Five minutes after I dropped him off he had a 10 pt with a doe come into his stand. From that point forward he was into deer the entire afternoon. At 5:15 PM five bucks came by. A giant buck with half a rack (his intact half had 6 typical points) along with a 10, a 6, a 3 and a wide, heavy 8 that had two broken brows. He knew immediately that the 8 was a shooter. He drew as soon as the shot presented itself. The smaller 10 spotted him draw and ran away, but the 8 stopped at 22 yards and Greg put the arrow perfectly behind his shoulder. The big buck ran 45 yards and fell over right in the dirt road we drive up. This was Greg's best deer yet and was just a fantastic Kansas Monster! I was thrilled for Greg. He had a slow November hunt and was on the fence about coming back in December. He definately made the right decision.

Greg's buck was killed with a 60lb Bowtech Guardian and Muzzy MX-3 broadheads.

Next to Greg's buck, the highlight of the evening was the practical joke we played on Kent Jarnagin. He called me and I told him that Greg got his buck. But I told him he was pretty small, maybe 90", since this was Greg's first hunt outside of the NE it was totally conceivable. Kent bought it hook line and sinker. The other owner of CRO, Kent Woolfolk got in on the joke too. We had Kent going until he drove up the driveway and saw this buck in the back of the truck. We all had a good laugh over it.

Pressure's on me now. I have the entire place to myself. Four days to go.


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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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