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12/27/06 - AM

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Tuesday Afternoon Hunt

My hunt was supposed to begin today, but instead of waiting for a big buck to approach my stand, I was waiting all day in airport hell. Get this, our Delta flight to Atlanta could not leave Hartford on time because someone parked a plane behind ours and they were looking for the pilot to move it. The result was I missed my Atlanta connection. I sat in Atlanta until noon when I was able to board the next flight to Wichita. That flight got in 30 minutes late and it took them another 30 minutes to get the luggage to the baggage claim belt. I sat there for another 20 minutes waiting for my bags (next to Kirstie Alley who was on our flight - and is still fat) only to find my luggage did not arrive. So off I go to the ticket counter where I sat in line for another 20 minutes and they guy at the gate told me my bags would "probably" be showing up at 6:00 PM. He then told me to go to the back of the line at which time I waited another 20 minutes but I would not let it go. I asked him to check his system to find out exactly where my bags were at that moment. With a pensive look, he walked away, and came out five minutes later with my 3 bags.

Thanks Delta.




Since this is a COLD weather hunt, we will be providing you with every layer of clothing used during this late winter hunt.

KOM Bunwarmer Pants

KOM Beavertail Vest

KOM Bushman Shirt

KOM Standmaster Jacket

KOM Standmaster Liner

Thermal Underwear

Hood, Gloves, Etc.

1000 Gram Rubber Boots

Military Bunny Boots

Thermal Sox


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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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