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Wednesday Morning Hunt

Like last year I am on my own for this hunt. That means I am choosing my own stands and playing the wind. I am also looking for stands that are in close proximity to winter wheat fields. So for my first morning hunt I chose Ken's tree and it turned out to be a good choice. I had arrived here very early, probably an hour before pink light and I set up my video gear. Eighty minutes later this nice buck appeared. He was a shooter, an eight with about an 18" spread, very good mass and good tine length including acorns on top of his decently sized brow tines. I had plenty of shooting light, but the HD video light was terrible. Had he been a gagger of a buck I would have said the heck with the video and shot, but he was a solid 140" buck and it wasn't worth that much to me. I let him walk.

Another buck came in shortly after him. He was very wide but just a 7pt. He will be a great buck next season but he needed another year. I let him walk too.

Two more does came in and after that the morning was flat. No more deer were seen. I stayed in until 10:30AM at which time the wind shifted and it was no use taking a chance. This was a great start to my winter hunt.

The weather forecast is looking ugly for the next three days. Western Kansas is in a winter storm watch right now and that may affect me. Just how remains to be seen, but the deer are out all day and I'll be putting some hours in for sure.

KOM Standmaster Jacket

KOM Standmaster Liner


KOM Standmaster Liner

Hood, Gloves, Etc.

Thermal Underwear

Thermal Sox

1000 Gram Rubber Boots  

Temperature was 24 degrees with a 10-15 MPH wind. I was slightly over-dressed and could have left the KOM Standmaster Liner back at the truck.

Wednesday Afternoon Hunt

Hunting Right Now - Check back later...

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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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