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Saturday Afternoon Hunt


No morning hunt today but we did get to some stands North of town to an area I'd never hunted before. I was dropped off around 4PM and at 5PM I saw my first deer. It was two bucks, one looked decent the other was young. They moved west a few hundred yards in front of me.

Twenty minutes later I filmed a doe heading toward my stand and out of nowhere this buck showed up. He was not a shooter but he had it all, good proportional mass, ten symmetrical points, and great brow tines. He'll be a great deer in two years.

The buck walked right under my stand giving me several terrific shot opportunities. He was just too small. In all I saw six bucks and one doe this evening. A very good sign. My buddy bill had a small eight appear at his stand around 5:30PM. They appear to be moving quite well.



Details about our 2006 Bowhunt

If there is one constant in the universe it is our annual trophy buck hunt in Kansas. Just like before, we will be bringing you this hunt LIVE from our location.

This hunt is strictly a fair-chase hunt. The land we are hunting are large tracts of private lands owned by Kent Jarnagin and Kent Woolfolk of Cimarron River Outfitters.

2005 Buck from Cimarron River Outfitters

Hunting Gear - 60lb, Bowtech Allegiance with Beman ICS arrows and a Muzzy 125 head.


2004 Buck from Cimarron River Outfitters

Hunting Gear - 60lb, Bowtech Justice with Beman ICS arrows and a Muzzy 125 head.


2003 Buck from Cimarron River Outfitters

Hunting Gear - 49lb, 56" Black Widow SAIII TD Recurve, Gold-Tip 3555 carbon arrows, and a wensel woodsman broadhead


2002 Buck

Hunting Gear - Same as '03

As always, we will be bringing the hunt to you as it happens, day by day. We are in a very rural section of Kansas, with poor phone line speed - video footage will be difficult - but we'll try.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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