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Tuesday Morning Hunt

This morning I hunted the stand where I killed my big buck from last year. There were thousands of tracks in the snow and the wind was perfect for a morning hunt. The only downside to this stand is that your shot is off your right shoulder - not good for a right handed shooter. I would need to stand up and spin 180 degrees to shoot. This is doable - however this morning the stand in this tree was extremely creaky due to the damp-cold weather. Rather than take a chance, I undressed in the dark and took off my fleece vest that I was part of my layered clothing. This helped a little, but it was still not perfect.

At 7:40 AM 3 does appeared and fed around me for 20 minutes. Then another 4 does appeared. The two groups hung around the area for an hour before moving off. I stayed in the stand until noon but no other deer appeared. It was pretty slow.

Tuesday Afternoon Hunt


I wanted to hunt Ken's tree this afternoon so Kent dropped me off there in the afternoon. This area always holds a few good bucks in November but things were different today. The big bucks aren't moving as much as they do during the rut and hunting has been difficult. At 4:45 PM three deer appeared under my stand and fed to my left.

I could see antlers but I was unable to move - they had me pinned down. As the buck moved into the shooting hole I identified him as a nice 8-point but not a shooter. He was a bit smaller than the buck I saw last evening. Those were the only deer seen tonight. It was a very slow day.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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