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Tuesday Morning Hunt

This weather really sucks. It was 55 degrees overnight with a light wind. No long underwear today. The forecast called for another day of this, then gale-force winds overnight and into tomorrow. The forecast has certainly put an extra variable into our decision to hold out for a huge deer.

First buck - 7:00 AM

I hunted a new area today. It is so new that the stand has no name. Right at first light deer moved in and a buck was chasing them around. He was a small 8pt and spent almost an hour around the area. Several deer moved in an out of the area all morning until 8:30am. Then all went quiet.

Second Buck 8:55 AM

At 9:00 AM I heard a series of grunts and crashes coming from the brook in front of me. A small 8pt walked toward me then past my treestand. But I then caught movement in front of me and a "shooter" stepped up from the brook. He was a nice 8pt, a bit smaller than the two deer that I had passed up on day1, but a mature buck nonetheless. I had to think hard about it, but the video footage looked spectacular through my viewfinder and the weather forecast needed to be factored in. I picked up my bow...

Third Buck - 9:00 AM

Watch Video part 1

Watch Video part 2

...but I couldn't shoot. He was just not what I was looking for today. He was a beautiful buck and I'd be very proud of him, but I decided that I wanted something else and I still have a couple days left. No regrets - he'll be a great trophy next season.

Tuesday Afternoon Hunt

I hunted the Box stand this afternoon. It was largely uneventful however just at dusk a magnificent buck came out of nowhere behind me. Judging by his left horn, I would have to guess him at 160-170 inches. He was heavy, stacked, and tall!! Only one problem - his entire right beam was snapped off at the base, along with his two brow tines. The puppy that damaged his goods must be something to see. It was too late to shoot anyway.




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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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