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Monday Morning Hunt

The temps had risen overnight but it was still cool enough for deer to move. And that was evident by the time it was light enough to see the ground. Two deer (buck and doe) were under my stand at daybreak. They did not hang around too long as the buck chased the doe out behind my stand and across a small creek. The buck was small (I could see that much) but I don't know what he had other than a small frame.

As the day went on I pretty much had a deer around me at all times. By 9:00 AM, two bucks had staked a claim on a single doe that was hanging in the area. The one buck, a very immature 8 point, made no less than 10 scrapes within sight of me.

At two different times during the morning hunt, a group of Rio Grand turkeys had move into the area as well. The first group was hens and jakes, and at 9:30 a small batch of gobblers appeared. As the gobblers were feeding around my stand, a coyote busted from the brush and the turkeys scattered to the trees in a fury of cackles and feather pounding flaps. The coyote missed, and nonchalantly just trotted along the trail which followed the creek.

All told I had 4 different bucks within range of my treestand. None of them went over 75 inches and all looked to be 1.5 year old deer. Despite the lack of mature deer, it was a great morning with lots of activity from first light till 10:40 AM when I left the stand.

Other hunters: Bill Urban saw a good buck off in the distance, Ron Baxley had 3 nice bucks show up but he decided to wait for something bigger. Kyle topped the list, he had a buck that he described as a 170" buck under his stand. He drew on him and waited for him to clear some cedars. But the buck never cleared them and after 2 minutes of holding his bow at full draw, he had to let it down. The buck caught that movement and busted. This is Kyle's first trip at Cimarron and I think the boy is hooked...



Monday Afternoon Hunt

It was Hot this afternoon. And I'm not talking about deer action either. With temps in the lower eighties the deer hunting was extremely slow this afternoon. I climbed into my stand at 3:00 PM and did not see a deer until 5:00 PM. Two fawns fed by my stand for twenty minutes before heading to the wheat fields. A spike buck showed up a few minutes later followed by 12 does in various groups. The small buck chased some of the does and eventually they all headed out to the fields. It was a very slow evening.

Other hunters - Kyle, Ron and Bill all had similar stories. It was slow this afternoon everywhere.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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