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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 6-13

Day 2

Morning Hunt

I hunted the Big Cottonwood stand this morning. It was still cold and the wind had picked up overnight. From this stand I can see literally for miles. I had expected to see deer moving around but it was extremely slow. I had a spike and a doe in range and I saw a 3.5 year old 8 cruising around hundreds of yards away. The highlight of my morning was a close call on two coyotes that stopped at 20 yards. They were literally touching each other. I quickly pulled off my #1 deer arrow and pulled out my #6 coyote arrow. Drew back and started to squeeze my release - then they trotted off. I was .5 seconds away from shooting two with one arrow. It was very slow this morning. Hoping for a better afternoon hunt.

Afternoon Hunt

The good thing about my slow morning is it could only get better for the PM hunt. Or, so I thought? It was actually worse. I saw one spike and one fawn! At last light one doe came in. That was it while hunting the wooden stand. Today was extremely slow. Kent, his wife Susan, and I met hunters at the local restaurant and it was slow for everyone.


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