Summit Treestands

Kansas Whitetail Live

November 6-13

Day 7

Morning Hunt

I was looking forward to hunting the blind again, even though last night was very slow. Well, this morning was even slower. By 11AM I saw one spike and one small 4-point. Both 1.5 year old bucks. Only two does came in as well. I was very surprised, it was 8 degrees and still, with very little wind.

We are discussing options now for the afternoon hunt. Pressure is on!


Afternoon Hunt

Clay and I discussed all of the options available for tonight's southwest wind. There were several good places but we settled on Kent's tree belt. I had hunted there earlier in the week and only saw one doe, but when Jake hunted it he saw all sorts of deer and some good bucks. My hunt has been terribly slow this week but several times over the years I've tagged out on the last evening. Well, that didn't happen. In fact, for my last hunt I never saw a deer.

When Kent picked me up, and I told him I never saw a deer, we just had to laugh. My buddies saw some terrific bucks, and shot slammers. But for whatever reason I just had bad luck. It was a great hunt, as always. I guess it was just my turn to get skunked.

My thanks to Clay and Kent Jarnagin for all of their hard work and effort. Of course we'll be back here next year with the same group of shady characters.

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