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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 6-13

Day 5

Morning Hunt

This morning I went back to Calvary Creek. We had some weather moving in with an ENE wind. Easterly's are pretty rare so most of the baited stands are not set up for that wind. But a few are, including the creek stand. Unfortunately, this morning was extremely slow - I only saw one small buck and some does.

Afternoon Hunt

My hunt has been pretty slow so far, so I wanted to hunt a stand that's not been hunted before. I chose the North Pines which is typically a great stand. The weather was moving in and it was very windy. I did see a wide 8pt that was not a shooter, and two small bucks.No shooters seen and nothing mature.

Today was a very slow day. We're getting snow tonight and the weather is turning bitter cold tomorrow. We'll be hitting it hard for the last two days.


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