Summit Treestands

Kansas Whitetail Live

November 6-13

Day 4

Morning Hunt

When I stepped outside this morning to get into the truck it was a bitter 19 degrees. The wind was mild at this point, but by the time the sun came up it was howling with gusts to 30mph. It as freezing! I was comfy in my Sitka Fanatic outfit, sitka base layers, and a sitka vest. Only my hands and feet were cold.

I had spent today's morning hunt at the Irrigation stand and by the time I got picked up I was calling it the irritation stand. I saw a fawn and a spike. The highlight of the morning was watching a fawn getting chased by a coyote and the doe chasing the coyote. All three of them ran by my stand at full speed then turned into the CRP and I lost them. I have no idea what the outcome was but it was pretty intense.

Despite the 19 degree temp and 30 mph wind - I was toasty in my Sitka Fanatic whitetail outfit. .


Afternoon Hunt

I needed a break this afternoon, my hunt has been pretty slow. Jake saw so much action at his stand yesterday that I decided to hunt there. I generally consider this technique (following reports of past action) about the same as investing in last month's hot stock. It's usually a bad move. Well, tonight was not and I should have followed my own advice. The hunt was slow, but at least I got to see a couple bucks.

The wide 8 point from Larry's Creek.

A wide 8 appeared but he never got closer than 40 yards. He was not a shooter, but he will be next year. That was the biggest buck I saw today. I don't think the high winds did me any favor.

He'll be a shooter in 3 years! Ha.

I have three days left and I think I'm going to try some new treestands that nobody has hunted yet. It will happen.

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