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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 6-13

Day 3

Morning Hunt

Today was the most perfect weather day for deer hunting in November. Clear and cold. Jake went to the same stand as last night, and I headed to the Big Cottonwood tree that sits on a low fence between a CRP field and a large wheat field.

My hunt was slower than I imagined. I saw a doe, a small buck and a couple young bucks cruising a few hundred yards away in the wheat. At 8:00 AM I spotted a dark antlered deer heading my way. He seemed to be following a scent trail and when he spotted a doe under my stand, he came right in. He was not a shooter, but he was a great looking deer that will be super in another two years.

This nice, but not quite mature walked across the CRP field before spotting a doe.

He never stopped at the bait, instead he pushed the doe out into the wheat and pushed her clear out of sight hundreds of yards away.

Here he comes!

About this same time I got a text from Jake. Buck down - 49 yards away! He wouldn't tell me what buck he killed but I was hoping it was the big 10 from last night. As it turned out, it was the same buck and he was just as big as we thought he was last night. Kent thinks he'll go 160 even with a broken left main beam tip. He was also one of the biggest bodied deer we've killed here.

Jake Ensign's awesome buck from Larry's Creek

I'm officially the only one left and so far we are doing very well for our redemption hunt. Let's hope I don't screw it up!


Afternoon Hunt

The afternoon hunt was sort of a train wreck. My bow had been bumped this morning so it needed some minor adjustment. I was running late already so fooling around with my bow did not help. So once I was satisfied with my shooting, I threw my stuff in Kent's truck and we took off for the South Pasture blind. I quickly threw all of my stuff into the blind as Kent drove away. I set up my video camera and organized all of my gear before I realized I left my bow back at the house. Kent was already back home, and he ran back to our house and brought the bow to me, but I lost another hour. What an Idiot! I don't think it made a difference. I had deer show up at last light including three small bucks but nothing worth turning my camera on for.

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