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About our 2014 Kansas Bowhunt

This is my 13th annual deer hunt here at CRO. This year I'm hunting with Jake Ensign (medicinemann) only. Tom Edgington (Mad Trapper) is hunting Bighorn Sheep in Canmor and will join us if he tags a ram early. This is an outfitted hunt taking place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters. We will be hunting from both baited and non-baited stands. Last week's hunters report tough weather conditions of heat and wind. The forecast looks like we may hit it just right.

As my other deer hunts we will update this feature LIVE every day, sometimes twice a day. Check back often.

Morning Hunt

For our first hunt in Kansas I headed for the Calvary Creek Treestand. This stand is in a river bottom and has always been one of my favorites. Today was dissapointing however, all I saw was two does and the biggest bobcat I have ever seen. I have my Kansas Fur Harvest license which gives me the ability to shoot bobcats, but unfortunately the bobcat season opens next week. In truth, I didn't have a shot anyway. By the time I saw the cat and realized what it was it was already in the blowdown. It was so big I thought it was a fawn. Jake had one buck, a pretty decent 10 point with a broken G4. He passed the buck. That turned out to be a very good move for Jake.

Afternoon Hunt

For the afternoon hunt I went to the Barby stand. The hunter last week saw some good bucks here so I hoped for the best. In truth, however, I hate ending this hunt early so it would have to be a slammer. My first day ended as slow as it started. I saw a dink buck and after it was too dark to video, a 10pt 3.5 year old came in. He needed at least 2 more years to be a shooter for this area.

Then we picked up Jake at the River Stand and found out he had shot a buck just after sunset. Jake goofed on us. He told us he had made a mistake, the buck was smaller than he hoped for and shot it "only because he wanted to kill his first deer on video." Both Kent Jarnagin and I felt bad for him. We followed the bloodtrail to the buck. We were blown away. This buck was incredible. A mainframe 10 nontypical with incredible height and mass. A once in a lifetime buck. He also got the entire kill on video! It was the first time he had ever attempted to self-film his kill. A very difficult feat - especially for a buck of this caliber.

Jake's buck was a once in a lifetime animal.

Jake used a Mission Bow to take this incredible Kansas Nontypical.


We were all ecstatic. This was one of the biggest bucks shot here at Cimarron River Outfitters. An incredible first day for Jake!

The weather is turning over the next few days. I'm the only hunter left. I have the entire place to myself. It's gonna be fun!



Our LIVE HUNT is brought to you by the new Mathews No CAM!



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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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