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About our 2013 Kansas Bowhunt

We are joined for our 12th annual deer hunt with Jake Ensign (medicinemann) and Tom Edgington (Mad Trapper). This is an outfitted hunt taking place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters. We will be hunting from both baited and non-baited stands, and are hoping to try some calling on this hunt as well.

As my other deer hunts we will update this feature LIVE every day, sometimes twice a day. Check back often.


Afternoon Hunt

Our flight landed in Wichita at 11:30AM and I was at the house by 3PM. My two hunting campanions this week, Jake Ensign (Medicinemann) and Tom Edgington (Mad Trapper) needed to do some shopping so they were unable to hunt.

If you look at the top of this page you will see a tall 8pt. That photo was taken at the irrigation ditch stand last year and that's where I hunted today. It was windy as hell, and not very cold. Nothing moved until sun down then all heck broke loose.

A tall 8 came in first and he was likely in the 130's. Shortly after that I saw a buck moving across a wheat field to the west, I pulled up my Minox binoculars and was instantly shaking.

He was a solid 170ish buck, a mainframe 10 with trash and nontypicals all over the place. He was a slammer. It was only the first night but I was ready to tag out on this buck. He chased a doe into the brush and I never saw him again.

Another 8 walked by chasing a doe along with a wide, and knarly 10 point.

Finally, a big 10 came in and he was solidly in the 150's and Kent thought he may go into the low 160's after watching the video. He came in and gave me 10 minutes of perfect shots. This one I decided to wait, it was pretty dark for video and it was only the first night. As always, I may regret it.

I'd say it was a damn good first night!



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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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