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Morning Hunt

My morning hunt was a bust. I went back to the Round Bale stand where I saw that big 10 last night. All I saw was two fawns and a spike. I've done this before where I devoted the entire hunt to a giant buck only to pass on some great opportunities chasing a ghost. If a buck I like comes in I'm going to take him.

The real story was happening across town. Last evening Tom shot a ten point from Kent's Tree Belt. The hit appeared to be a bit far back in the liver but a solid shot. Kent Woolfolk and Tom waited an hour before taking up the trail. The buck was bleeding well but they jumped him 60 yards into the track so they decided to leave him overnight. The risk of having coyote damage was 100% but Tom accepted that risk since he did not want to lose his buck. As soon as it was light they found the buck only 70 yards from where they jumped him. He likely hit the liver and could have retrieved the deer but they played it safe. Unfortunately, the coyote damage to his buck was beyond belief.

While Tom was picking up the pieces Jake was having action at the Irrigation Stand. The buck I saw from the first evening's hunt had come in on him and gave him a great close shot. A single shot put him down in 45 yards. He was a great buck, a mainframe ten with trash and acorns. He had tons of character!

We felt bad for Tom's buck but Tom was OK with it. He joked that it was "the easiest drag he's ever had!" Kent has a cape for him and he recovered his best buck to date. I was very happy for my two buddies. Now it's my turn.


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Afternoon Hunt

The weather turned nasty this afternoon with a cold north wind blowing at 30mph. I went to a stand with no name but it's across from the Junk yard stand in a east-west tree belt. This was a stand that I had scouted with Kent and we hung the stand after a lot of deliberation two years ago.

An hour into the hunt two does walked by followed by a decent ten point with split brow tines. I passed on him easily but he was a decent buck.

Another smaller buck came by an hour after that and I barely turned on the video camera since it was so windy and cold.

At five PM a different buck walked across the field in front of me then turned and headed right in. I picked up my binoculars and this buck got my attention. He was not particularly wide, and not particularly high, but his mass was unreal. I had never seen anything like it, looked like he had coke-can sized bases with enormous brow tines. I LOVE mass. And this buck was all mass. I decided to take him.


Watch the shot on Video


A heart shot taken from my new Mathews Creed XS put him down in 50 yards. As soon as I walked up to him I couldn't believe the mass. He will definitely be a conversation piece in my trophy room because the rack almost looks freakish.

So November 11th was the day to sit in Kansas. We took three great bucks within 24 hours and capped off another fantastic Kansas deer hunt. Can't wait until next year!



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