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Morning Hunt

For my morning hunt I went to the Kill tree. First light was great, I had two mature bucks show up but decided I wanted something better. They were both eights, a dark antlered buck with ivory tips (pretty rack) and a very tall eight that was no more than 3.5. They were chasing pretty good and I had fun filming them.

The rest of the morning was dreadfully slow for everyone. No more deer showed up.


Afternoon Hunt

Kent and I checked out some stands for our afternoon hunt, reluctantly I settled on the Round Bale stand where I had killed my best scoring buck ever (166" gross 17 point) several years ago. I say reluctantly because the wind was not ideal, but since it was getting late we decided to trust the weather forecast. If they were correct, the wind was supposed to shift to the South and that was perfect, but for now it was east and that was entirely bad. I decided to take the chance and that turned out to be a mistake.

An hour after Kent left I saw a deer heading toward my stand. I pulled up my Minox binoculars and he was an absolute giant. A main frame 10pt, perfectly clean with nothing broken and his G4's were a minimum of 8" long. If you put him through the 10pt formula (10x G4 +100) this buck goes 180. I don't know that he is that big, but close.

Watch the Video of this scene

Unfortunately, he was already getting my wind and I knew it. I did get him on video and was thrilled to show him to the guys back at camp. A true giant. There was a trail cam up at this treestand and all I could think about was reviewing the trail cam to see if this buck was a regular or just a cruiser. When I asked Kent to see the card he held his head in shame. He forgot to put the card in the trail cam. He will not live that one down!

The rest of the hunt was slow. But the wind was terrible until it turned dark.

I don't know if I am going to target this buck. I've done that before and ended up frustrated. I'll definitely be giving this stand another sit in the next couple days, but only if the wind is right. Damn!




We need to get the guide one of these...

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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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