Mathews Inc.

Kansas Live

November 8-14

Day 4

Morning Hunt

I woke up to drizzle and cool temps. Winds were southeast and good for Kent's Creek stand. We got there way early and it took over 45 minutes before I could even see the ground. I had high expectations and hoped that big buck would show again. But that's not what happened. It was very slow. I only saw one dink buck all morning, not even a doe showed up.


Afternoon Hunt

I didn't think the afternoon hunt could be any worse than the morning hunt - but I was wrong. Temps soared to the low 60's which didn't help. I never saw a horn during my afternoon hunt at one of my all-time favorite stands - Calvary Creek. I got to watch a coyote hunt in broad daylight (too far to shoot) and I was entertained by wood ducks that were carrying on in the creek. But the bucks had vanished today. Hopefully tomorrow turns things around.



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