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November 8-14

Day 3

Morning Hunt

The evening Tom shot his buck he had a giant 10 point come into his stand. He told us it was much bigger than the buck he shot - just a giant. Kent suggest that I should hunt there. Not only was the ten point around, there was another 10 with dark antlers and a downturned main beam. They showed me a trailcam photo of both bucks and they are both incredible deer. I was concerned that the search for Tom's wounded buck was disrupting to the area and it might have been too soon. Kent disagreed, these deer live on working ranches with oil wells, ranchers, cows, and all sorts of disturbances. So I took his advice and hunted the same stand Tom shot his buck from - two evenings ago.

It was slow in the morning. I hunted until 11:30AM and only saw a couple of small bucks.


This was the biggest buck I saw this morning


Afternoon Hunt

I decided to stick with the same stand for the afternoon hunt. It was slow, with only one deer seen until the sun went down - then all hell broke loose. Unfortunately, it was too dark when the action occurred so no shots, and no pics. The buck I had been shown the trailcam pic - with the downturned left main beam - ran in and chased does through the cedar trees and across the river I was hunting over. He was a fantastic buck and no doubt, a shooter. He had great mass and dark horns. I would have shot him in a second. He was rutting hard and chasing does all over the place. I did have a shot but it was far too dark for it to be legal - or ethical. So obviously I did the right thing. I left my bow in the tree and will be right back here tomorrow morning.

This was the biggest buck seen this afternoon until it got dark, then two shooters appeared. Unfortunately, it was too dark for pics or shots.
This was a previous trail cam pic of the buck that came in after shooting light tonight. He is a fantastic buck and I'm hoping he shows again tomorrow, only within shooting light.



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