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November 8-14

Day 1

About This Hunt

We're back in Protection Kansas with Kent and Clay Jarnagin of Cimarron River Outfitters. There are three hunters this week: Jake Ensign (Medicinemann), Tom Edgington (Mad Trapper), and Pat Lefemine. As always, you will hear the good, the bad, and the ugly on this hunt. We will try and post both a morning and evening update - but no promises.

Morning Hunt

For my hunt I went to the Big Cottonwood tree north of town. I always liked this stand, but have hunted it infrequently over the years. From this tree you can see a long way - it borders a wheat field to my west, and CRP to my east.

A nice 8 point rolled in at daybreak - too small to shoot

At first light a decent buck showed up under my stand. He was heading into the bait, but got nervous when he stepped over the spot where the ranch truck had dropped me off. He was a tall 8 with no brows.

Incredible view southeast from my stand

The view from my stand was spectacular. I saw one very nice buck (shooter?) chasing a doe through the trees in the above photo. He had incredible mass but I couldn't tell much more than that. He was moving quickly and I could only see him from the side.

View looking northwest

At half past nine a coyote walked down the fence line to my east. I never pass up coyotes and this morning was no exception. He stopped behind a tree and I got ready - but then he trotted off never giving me a shot. I don't know why I waited for a clean shot, there is no such thing as an unethical shot at a coyote. Hell, he could be facing me at 90 yards I'd shoot. He got a pass - my son and I will hopefully meet up with him again in January when we come back for our annual predator hunt.


Afternoon Hunt

As Kent and I drove out for the afternoon hunt we came upon a button buck with his leg trapped in a barbed wire fence. We pulled over to assist and free the buck. He was in shock and after he was free - could barely walk. Kent tried to help him get his footing, but he would just bed down. We left him in that milo field. I hope he got back on his feet. If not, it's going to be a rough night with the numbers of predators they have in this area.

Kent and I came upon this button buck that was tangled in a fence
We got it free, but the leg was in rough shape


My afternoon hunt was very slow. I had one young, but very promising buck that walked in at four pm. At dusk four does came in but no bucks. Surprising, temps were cool and the wind was perfect.

This was the only buck I saw this afternoon. He looks to be 2.5? I imagine he is 3.5 but he's got a very small body. He has great promise in a few years.



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