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This morning was Bill Gunther's turn. He pulled the number 3 ticket from the hat three nights ago and now he was ready to kill a muskox. Frank met Knud on the fjord and they brought us to yet a different area. Immediately we found Muskox. They were everywhere.

We glassed from the water while the boat slowly passed herd after herd of muskox. Each herd consisted of a few cows, a few small bulls, some calves and at least one mature bull. We saw several shooters but one in particular was especially dark horned and appeared to be chasing cows around. This was a dead giveaway but we put him on ice and continued down the fjord. After looking over several herds Frank and Bill decided to go back after that rutting bull.

Bill, Frank and I were first out of the boat and up the bank to get some elevation. We were one half mile from the herd which numbered about 30 animals. Once we were high enough to get visibility we spotted muskox in several areas. The main herd was down low next to the salt water. There was a smaller herd laying in the sun higher up the hill, and there was a group of cows and calves separated from the main herd around a small corner which were mostly out of sight.

As we got closer to this herd it became difficult to get close enough to look over all the animals. This was the largest herd we had worked so far on this trip but Frank navigated between them with precision. At times we would crawl on our bellies, then we would butt slide down the rocks and hills. Eventually we got into position and were able to view individual animals. No sign of the herd bull. As we moved around the corner we divided the herd and some animals spotted us then ran off. Frank and Bill moved slightly ahead of me, it was too risky for three of us and I had a great vantage point. Bill and Frank spotted the herd bull who was alarmed to the commotion and was moving quickly back in the direction of the others.

Frank ranged the bull as Bill drew his Mathews Z7. Bill then shot and my first reaction was that it was a bit too high. The bull ran back to toward the water spun around once, then dropped over stone dead. We were thrilled! This was the best bull so far and Bill made a world-class shot. It was amazing how high the lung sit on a muskox, this would be a high hit on virtually any other animal. The bull lived only a few seconds. Another old P&Y bull hits the ground.

Watch the video of Bill's Kill

With my three companions tagged out it was my turn. We had spotted several other bulls on this fjord and they all looked good to me. We ate lunch on the boat and rested up for the afternoon hunt. We then headed down the fjord to find a herd with a good bull in it.

We looked over herd after herd of muskox. All of the bulls were shooters to me but Frank was not satisfied. We pushed clear to the end of the fjord when Frank and Knud pulled up their binoculars and Knud exclaimed "Big Bull." I could see him without my Minox binoculars, he was noticeably larger than the other muskox and and his horns were very dark - a tell tale sign of a mature bull.

I traded my HD Camera for my 70lb Mathews Chill and climbed ashore with Frank. Neil Summers was the cameraman for my hunt.

We moved up hill in the direction of the Muskox and before long we were in sight of several cows and calves The herd bull was easy to identify, he was constantly growling for no apparent reason and was in full rut mode chasing cows and bulls around nonstop. We crawled to within 80 yards of the herd to a boulder. At first we couldn't find the bull, but eventually Frank spotted him. He had separated from the main herd and was now feeding across a draw from our position. We considered moving on him but it was too risky. He would eventually move back to his herd and that meant he would need to move back down that gully. That's where I would make my move.

It took far longer than we wanted and in the meantime we were getting picked off by some cows and calves downwind. We had plenty of time to study this bull and he was huge. Eventually he turned to move back down into the draw and we made our move. Frank and I moved quickly as I drew my bow. I could see the bull's hump and moved rapidly within 20 yards. We were in plain sight of the cows and they were moving off nervously but he couldn't see that. Now just 20 yards from the muskox I was able to draw my bow and wait. I held for at least 1 full minute but the bull was busy working a bush. I had no shot at this vitals and it was a poor angle. I took a risk and moved higher up the hill in plain sight of him. He saw me, but the angle was still wrong. I waited. He became nervous and when he turned to leave a released my CX Red arrow tipped with a sharp 2-blade broadhead right through his lungs. It was a perfect shot.

Watch the video of Pat's Kill

The bull ran a few steps but then appeared to walk toward his cows. He was hurting bad and eventually bedded down. I knew it was unnecessary but I chose to stalk him in his bed and shoot him again. We moved through the draw and up the other side. I could see him bedded at 30 yards. I zipped another arrow through him, another perfect shot. He walked across the draw, stumbled and rolled down the hill. I always wanted a muskox and this was a massive trophy bull. I couldn't be happier.

Frank estimated my bull as the oldest, close to 10 years old. Score wise we put him around 109 green PY inches, 19 inches higher than the minimum. Eventually we green scored all four bulls. Every one of them make PY easily and Bill's bull from earlier today was the highest around 112 green PY inches.

A couple hours after shooting my bull we were down off the hill with the meat, horns and cape. The muskox hunting here is incredible. Four guys killed four muskox in just two days of hunting. Three of us killed a trophy bull on our one and only stalk. That is some impressive statistics. I am confident saying that anyone who comes here for a muskox has a 100% chance of killing a mature bull.

We came back to camp and had a very special treat. Knud's dad had rode out to sea and caught dozens of fresh crabs for us to eat. David, our cook, boiled up the crabs and served them with potatoes and carrots. We were stuffed and happy and finished the last of our Black Velvet whiskey. I couldn't ask for a better hunt, or a better group of people to share a camp with.

Tomorrow we start looking for reindeer.





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Our Muskox hunt takes place in South Greenland with Frank Feldmann of Greenland Outfitters

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