If you've ever wanted to experience the ultimate in physical and mental bowhunting - Mt. Goats would be the animal. We are proud to bring you another internet first - an Alaskan goat bowhunt as it happened, day by day. So for the next few days you can experience our goat hunt, the planning, the decisions, the physical torture, the excitement, and the sorrow of a hunt. We hope you enjoy this 'real-deal' bowhunt.

Saturday - Day 1 (Planning, fly in)
Sunday - Day 2 (The Death March, Camp 2)
Monday - Day 3 (Lone Billy, Fog, NT Blacktails)
Tuesday - Day 4 (Camp Day, Rain Fog )
Wednesday - Day 5 (Sweet & Sour)
Thursday - Day 6 (Goat Action - Feeling Great!)
Friday - Day 7 (More action) 
Saturday - Day 8 (Hot Spot - Back to lake camp)
Sunday - Day 9 (Death March II, Cliff hunt)
Monday - Day 10 (Lousy Weather, BC Tragedy)
Tuesday - Day 11 (last chance hunt)
Wednesday - Day 12 (Fly Out, Trip Notes and Conclusion)

 A few notes about this hunt:

This was a guided hunt in Alaska's Misty Fiords National Monument which is part of the Tongass National Forest in SE Alaska. My guide was Johnnie Laird of Muskeg Excursions commonly known as 'Muskegman' here on the conferences. This being my second goat bowhunt, the first one being successful some years back in CO, the goal was to harvest a trophy billy goat. We would pass on nannies and small billies.