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45 minutes after first light Dan receives a text from Chris (one of his guides) that Ron Stoecklein (aka "wtbowhtr") has drilled a 6 point bull. How cool is that, 45 minutes into his very first elk hunt his guide Chris calls in a beautiful 6x6 bull and he makes a perfect 30 yard shot. Here is a picture of us picking up the bull in what the guides call the "hurse"!

Left to right pictured is Me, Craig (Ron's brother), Ron, Jake, Guide Chris, Guide Joel, Outfitter Dan and Guide Rob. EVERYONE is smiling!!

Later that day we have Jake's first close encounter with a bull elk. We angle ahead of him and set up and Dan calls him to 30 yards but he comes in on the down wind side and winds us. Jake's eyes were WIDE open!! Dan, Jake and I are hunting as a team and focusing really hard on the task. Everyone in camp had elk close by but no other shots this day.

The gathering in the lodge each mid-day and evening gives us all a chance to learn more about each other and enjoy Chef Dave's amazing food. The entire group is inspired by Jake being with us.

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Jake's hunt graciously donated by Rocking-R Ranch in Colorado


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