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Bowhunting Cape Buffalo in Mozambique


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2007 Hunt
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Some things you ought to know about this Buffalo Bowhunt

  • Totally Wild & Free Roaming- we are bowhunting a government concession in Mozambique, there are no fences, no game farming and all animals are completely wild.
  • 100% Spot and Stalk - since we are hunting truly wild animals in the swamps, proven techniques like sitting water holes, baiting, etc. will not work here - this is strictly a spot and stalk bowhunt only
  • This hunt is dangerous - all buffalo hunting is dangerous, but this hunt is especially so since we will be bowhunting huge herds of buffalo in native swamp habitats including razor grass with zero visibility, papyrus covered rivers, and other areas where a buffalo can charge with no warning
  • We are roughing it - we will be living in the swamps with the buffalo, staying in tents with sleeping bags and eating things like can spam, can fish, and canned vienna sausages which is exactly what I requested.
  • Physically and Emotionally draining - this won't be a picnic. We will be staying the swamps until I kill a buffalo. We will hunt all day from dawn to dusk and each stalk could take hours.

This is no Disco Hunt


Few animals have captured my soul like the cape buffalo. I've been infatuated with them since I was a kid and read old african novels by Roosevelt, Capstick and Ruark. I turned that dream into reality for the first time in 2006 and spent 16 days hunting South Africa, day after day, without even drawing my bow. I booked RSA again in 2007 and hunted herds of buffalo. Again, after 14 days of tracking and trying every possible method, I came home empty handed. While both hunts were ranch operations, nobody can argue those animals weren't totally wired and challenging. I never stopped thinking about buffalo and it's been number one on my bucket list for years now - even above my other nemesis - an elk.

Crossing into Mozambique

With that burning desire I started talking with African outfitters and PH's I knew well. Many outfits want nothing to do with bowhunting for two reasons; the first is that it's dangerous. Buffalo can be unpleasant and they really dislike being shot. But the primary reason most outfits don't want bowhunters is simple, it's a lot of work. A buffalo with a rifle can be a challenging hunt, but multiply that many times over by needing a close shot, a perfect angle, and without spooking an entire herd of bulls and cows in the process and you turn a one or two day rifle hunt into a 10 day bowhunt quickly. It's just not profitable for them to spend so much time on one animals.

So when my old friend and my first "dangerous game" PH, Dries Visser Jr. emailed me about an opportunity to hunt truly wild buffalo Mozambique I don't think I hesitated for one second. I confirmed the hunt immediately.

Our first view of Coutada 10 - the hunting concession

My hunt started in Pretoria South Africa. It was the beginning of a day-long series of flights and landings required to get to Mozambique. Gert Saaiman of Saaiman Safaris was the pilot and owner of the camp and operation we were staying at. Along with his partner, Johan Strasheim (who owns Bahati Safaris), they own the hunting rights to the concession.

Bowhunting.TV Video - Flying into Coutada 10

We left Pretoria for Polokwane where we needed to clear immigration and pick up my PH, Willem Van Dyk. From there we flew to Beira, a small fishing city on the coast of Mozambique on the Indian Ocean. Our last leg was over the concession we'd be hunting - Coutada 10 - before landing on a grass runway near camp.

Unloading the Aerostar Plane

Mozambique villages are as primitive as they get

We unloaded the plane and drove to camp which is comfortable but far more rustic than any african operation I have hunted. This was expected since this is a classic - old africa Safari hundreds of miles in the bush. We had a nice dinner and I spent the better part of that evening organizing my gear for the next several days of living in the swamps. Tomorrow morning we needed to be up at 3:00 AM for a long day of traveling; first by truck for an hour, then several hours by Argo to pick out a campsite, and finally to the buffalo. To say I fell asleep soundly would be a lie. I was wired and filled with anticipation.




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Our Buffalo bowhunt takes place in Mozambique. We arranged our hunt with Dries Visser Safaris


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