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For years I have been bowfishing for carp in the backwaters of the Connecticut River. Since those early days with a recurve and a bear tape on fish reel, both the quality of bowfishing and bowfishing equipment have improved. This section is to acquaint both beginners and seasoned pros with some of the new equipment available to bowfisherman.


Zebco 808 - This modified Zebco reel takes fast flight bowfishing string and works just like a regular reel. The drawback is you have to remember to let out the bail before releasing your arrow and there is a very minor drag spooling out the line.


Slotted Retriever - This "slotted" version of the standard Retriever allows the end of the line to be attached to a float or deep sea casting reel for those fish that really need to run such as Sharks, Rays, Alligator Gar, etc. If you miss a fish, just retrieve your arrow. If you hit the fish, it will pull all the line from the Retriever along with the float. follow the float to get your fish.


Muzzy Piranha - The #1 seller for Muzzy is a laminated 32" shaft designed for high poundage compound and recurve bows. Anodized with three-color Sky Camo. Composite of aluminum and pressure-fit fiberglass wrap for tremendous strength. Comes already cabled and tipped with collar system.



Muzzy Quick Release Gar Point - Features Muzzy stainless steel Trocar Tip for great penetration through tough alligator gar. Quick release feature allows you to unscrew the tip to reverse the barbs for easy removal from the fish. Tips can be replaced with a special - soft flesh tip for Carp.
Warhead Bowfishing Head - Flat, 3/16" spring steel barbs eliminate tear outs and rotate in the water for increased accuracy. Only 2 1/4" penetration is needed to open the barbs. Four-corner base pyramid point for scale-splitting penetration. Two turns of the shaft and barbs will reverse for fast, easy removal from a fish. Black, zinc plated to aid in corrosion resistance.

Other Accessories

Muzzy Bowfishing Tower - portable 1-person tower can be bolted to your boat platform or left free-standing. Works good as a seat with trolling motor foot pedal on the first platform and your butt on the top platform.
Polarized Fishing Glasses - An absolute necessity. Allows you to cut out the reflected UV rays off the water to see the fish under the surface.

Sky-Camo Clothing - For blue sky days when the fish look up through the water. Can give you those precious two or three seconds you need to get the shot before the fish figures you out and bolts!
No-Glove - This simple device allows you to shoot all day without messy gloves or tabs, or rusted fishy releases. I highly recommend this accessory.


Note: all of these items are available by Muzzy through their catalog. For a price list and order form, visit their website at www.bowfishing.net