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Question 7


It's been 20 minutes and you've been scouring every deer trail through the thickets starting at the most obvious direction of South, Southwest, and West. You find nothing. Sometimes deer don't follow the script so you turn NW and head straight back up the steep hillside. 80 yards into the trail you find a drop of blood. This pivotal sign proves why you can't just rely on conventional wisdom. Gut shot deer are never supposed to climb back up a mountain, right? Well this one did. The rain is now coming down but the blood sign is more consistent and easier to follow. Before the rain completely obliterates the trail, your (1500 lumen) flashlight lights up deer eyes. The buck is alive and looking at you. The rain is coming down hard now and the deer struggles to stand up. He takes two steps and falls down. He beds again looking at you. The best part is he's no longer in the thicket, he is literally bedded in a 20' wide raspberry patch right at the edge of the food plot. Answer question 7.


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